Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is the granite we chose for our sink counter
So the kitchen project is moving right along. Today we picked out our slab of granite. What a fun experience for some one who loves rocks such as myself. Picture the largest warehouse you can imagine with rows and rows and rows of slabs of rock.
Most were polished and shiny. Some were marble, soapstone or onyx. It was so cool to walk up and down the aisles looking at the colors, shapes, and layers. Knowing that rock is formed of sediment and minerals that happened many many many years ago–In fact so long ago it's impossible to imagine, I felt a sense of reverence.
Even our rock, pictured here, (all the slabs were either low, mid, or high price range. Ours of course is low since we are sticking to a strict budget) has cool little pockets and layers of color.
One thing particularly interesting about picking out the slab, both for ourselves and others, is the  personal bond and emotional attachment that is formed.  One woman and her daughter who entered the warehouse at the same time as we did told us an hour later that she made her decision. I asked her to show us the one she picked. When she showed us, she looked at it and smiled, saying, "yes, that's the one."
So perhaps picking out a slab of granite is similar to an art collector buying a piece of art. I suppose it comes for the fact that both art and granite slabs are each unique one of a kind objects.

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