Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Bye Old Kitchen

So we are moving ahead with the kitchen remodel. Demolition starts on Thursday. We have lived with this old kitchen for about 20 year now. In face I don't think I know of any one else who does not have a dishwasher. But that is all about to change now.

We emptied the space out this weekend. Here are some before pictures:

The top picture on the right is of our cabinets before we painted them. The people before us LOVED yellow. We tried a mini make over by painting the cabinets and lived with that for awhile. Look at the floor! This floor is so impossible to clean and so ugly. And the subway tile! Fare well.

Miley is sniffing out the spot where the oven was. We probably spilled numerous times in this area. We also had mice that would come and visit here as well.  Miley sniffs everything anyway, and moving the appliances out is a great adventure for her.

It's a great adventure for us as well. So much to do! So many things to plan! we even started writing on the walls. Partly an act of rebellion against all those times our parents said, "don't write on the walls," and partly a final salute to this old kitchen because it really is going to go.

Our adventure begins with our makeshift kitchen in our dining room. We have all the conveniences–our stove. Our fridge. Our dining room table has become a giant counter. This feels like one of those old triple decker   apartments like the ones  in Dorchester.

We have everything but the kitchen sink. Really, we will have no kitchen sink for about a month. True, we do have the bathroom right off of the dining room but that small sink won't help much. And we have a big utility sink in the basement. Yes, this will be an adventure.

And lastly, here is our kitchen stuff.  We tried to pack it all neatly in a corner of the sun room. We tried to have our most used stuff in the top boxes and mark the content of the under boxes. Time will tell how this method works. It does feel like an adventure though.

We're off to Vermont during demo. I'll update when I come back. I'll show you our studs! 

We also have a never ending to do list. It's been fun writing it on the walls.

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