Saturday, April 7, 2012

Art supply stores--Candy stores for artists

I don't know any artists that don't love strolling through art supply stores–just looking, touching, feeling inspired–just wanting something new–something special to motivate us. Because art supplies are so expensive, I usually just end up buying a small pad of paper, one special paint color, or a pen. Then I bring home my new treasure and add it to my collection.

Because my art supplies are so special,  I have this deep feeling that I shouldn't use them until I have something really great to make. I just hate to waste  good art supplies on mediocre art. As a result, I think I've become a borderline art supply hoarder.

Acrylic on fome core about 30"X30"
Recently I had a project at work and that required me to use my own acrylic paints. I haven't been working in acrylic for about 5 years now and I was surprised to see all those precious little containers or special made colors that I carefully stored away dried up. My precious jewels  that I was saving for that special masterpiece, all unusable. This made me realize how wrong I've been about art supplies. Rather that hoard them and save them for something special, I'm going to use them as often as I can. Use them or loose them even if what I make today isn't a brilliant masterpiece. That's really how it is.

After my work project, I ended up with two small cups of leftover paint. I still can't throw away left over paint. More than a few of my art teachers  drummed this into my head. But instead of stashing them away again for another five years, I decided to employee a technique that my good friend Leslie does all the time. I created some backgrounds on different sheets of paper, including a few journal pages.

It felt good to be painting, even if it was something very simple like painting background for a later use. It helped to get get the creative juices flowing for the day. I'm not sure yet what I will put on these backgrounds.  I'll probably start by using one  those new white gel pens I bought the last time I was in the art supply store. Where did I put those pens?

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  1. yes i saved my watercolor tubes, & now i can't use them. such a bummer huh? i try to use up my paint on the palette now with background papers too. :)