Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Thrill of Winning a Prize

I don't enter too many juried shows. I just don't think I'm ready and it takes too much left-brain time to do it. But after one of the Saturday Workshops, my friend encouraged me to enter my paintings into the York Art Association show that opened in March. So I did.

Last night when I went to the opening all of my friends from our Tuesday paint group met me and walked around with me to view the art. They knew I had won second place, but they didn't tell me. They wanted me to be surprised. What a thrill. The best feeling was that my friends were all so proud of me. It's as if I hit a home run for the team.

A Few Interesting After Thoughts

An interesting thing about winning a prize is it's validating and influencing at the same time. Artist's like to do what we want but we also like to please others. (most artists anyway) 

Exploring this medium of watercolor is a constant tug between doing what is comfortable and stretching the limits by doing something different. This painting was truly different for me. I think my style will become something in between. 

Anyway, it was a very happy day. 

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