Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Starting again

Hello my four followers,
I apologize for my lapse in time. Priorities shift, etc, etc. Anyway I decided to record here, in diary form, my new watercolor work. I am trying to focus on watercolor to raise my work to a new level. I am also creating a painting habit (21 days is what it takes) of working every day.

Currently I am taking a class at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. Taking a class or a workshop is a great way to kick start a stalled art practice. These are my last two paintings that I finished up in class, with the help of instructor, Dewitt Harding.

I forget where this was. I painted it from a photo I took this summer. Being our first summer in Maine, we did a lot of exploring, hiking and just taking it in. So much of it is so beautiful. I often take pictures when I'm out and about thinking, "some day I'd like to paint that." I'm working on going through the picture files now. Some day is now.

The day after thanksgiving we were in a sub shop in Boston.  These planters, with the oddest plants, were in the window. The sun was washing in, casting the most interesting shadows. 

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