Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yes I am a journaler. I start each day sitting at my drawing table with a cup of coffee while I do the morning pages--the only habit I've retained from reading The Artist Way by Julie Cameron. This is where I orient myself for the day, or work out things that are bothering me. When I don't do the morning pages, I have a tendency to be scattered.

This sketch is from the other day, when 
I was waiting for a train. She sat sorta 
still for about 4 minutes. 
I also have several sketchbooks that I work in from time to time. I have a variety of sizes and kinds and grab which ever one I'm in the mood for or happen to see in front of me when I need to jot something down. This is where I record ideas that I wish to turn into projects some day or just sketch for fun. Using a sketchbook, as opposed to a large blank piece of paper relieves the stress of having to create something GOOD. After all, it' s JUST A SKETCH.  

Journaling is described as an effective tool for stress management and personal growth. I think there are many different reasons for journaling and many ways to journal. Some people collage in their journals and some paint. Some write and some draw. The very coolest thing about journaling is there is no wrong way. Journals can be private, like my morning pages, or shared with others at places like my friend, Leslie Herger's site Art Journaling: It's all Good.

My favorite type of journaling is my image journals that I started two years ago. I have created a kinda ritual that goes with these pieces. When I am working on them, I do it daily. Usually after a morning walk or to wind down after work.

The Danger of Selective Reasoning
A.K.A Parts of a Nest
I never do one at a time. I usually work on three large ones and two or three small ones at a time. As I work, the challenge is to know when to stop and let it rest. Then I observe it (them) until I know what comes next. I could say it speaks to me but that sounds kinda hokey. But it does, just not in voice. What I enjoy the most about making my image journals is they are pure feeling translated into image. There are no words. Not until the end when the name comes to me. It's as if they name themselves. That's when I know the  painting is complete.

I've shown my image journals to my friends and have gotten positive responses to them. I love the different reactions I get from different people and how everyone has a different favorite. I've actually posted my favorite right here but please feel free to go to my website janezeeb.com to see more and tell me which ones you like and why.


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