Sunday, April 24, 2011


I did this watercolor when I was in school. The assignment –a common assignment for school–was to choose a painting done by a famous artist and copy it. This was a Cezanne.
I've been keeping this painting around for a long time. I actually don't throw any art out, and that is going to become a problem some day. But I just tacked this painting in my studio to give me inspiration.
 What inspires me about this painting is the looseness. I generally end up painting and drawing tight and am constantly struggling to loosen up. I think I tend to be tight when I'm stressed. When I doodle, or "Art Journal," I am tight. I am going to upload a drawing I did this week. This week the day job sucked all my energy. This drawing of the monster easter eggs was my way of relieving stress after work every night. I enjoyed doing this because it reminded me of  coloring in a coloring book. I confess that I never really got over coloring. If any kid ever asks me to color with them, I'm in. But  for now, I'm so glad easter is over.

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